All you need is...

...minimalistic travel gear!

For the past 2 years I have been travelling and living out of a small carry-on suitcase and I love my minimalistic travel gear . The following products are either currently part of my set up or have been in the past, which means they have been tested and approved by a packing expert and experienced traveller!

Photography & Vlogging

Canon Eos M50

My little M50 has become one of my favourite pieces of travel equipment and really turned out to be the perfect vlogging camera for me. This DSLM (Digital Sensor Lense Mirrorless) films in 1080p or 4K, comes with an electronic finder and especially the excellent autofocus (to be operated via the touchscreen display) has saved my footage more than once.

Watch this video to find out why I chose the Canon Eos M50 as my very first vlogging camera. 

Lense: 15-45 (standard)

Canon Eos M50 Front Ansicht

11-22 Vlogging Lens

This wide-angle lens is perfect for vlogging and showing open scenes such as large buildings and endless landscapes.

Canon M50 18-150 Objektiv

18-150 Zoom Lens

I love the 18-150 especially for it's multifunctionality. Not only does it allow me to shoot distant motives, I can also use it as a mid-range lens.

minimalistische reiseausrüstung

Rode Microphone

This external microphone improves my video's audio strength and quality and fits all kind of cameras that have a built-in microphone port.

minimalistische reiseausrüstung

Feiyutech G6 plus gimbal

This ultra light-weight gimbal has been a complete GAME CHANGER for me. Not only does it perfectly hold and balance my Canon M50, but also fits into my hand luggage easily.

Travel light.

Carpisa Carry-On Suitcase

Believe it or not: This small carry-on trolley made by  Carpisa really holds all my clothes and other personal belongings!

What I love most about this suitcase is that it comes with a couple of extra zippers on the side which make it extendable in case I feel like I need a few centimetres of extra space.

Here is how I fit all my personal belongings into a carry-on suitcase: Watch video now!

Similar to Carpisa Trolley: Roncato Flight Trolley

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Pacsafe Bag

My small Pacsafe bag has the perfect size for my most valuable belongings (wallet, passport, camera) and is theft-proof.

minimalistische reiseausrüstung

Day Pac

Sadly, I haven't found my perfect day pac yet, but I will keep looking and of course update this section as soon as I have.

Work, Work, Work...

MacBook Pro

I’ve been an Android User all my life but looking back on the past 2 years I can’t deny that a MacBook Pro (13inch) is really the perfect laptop for my remote work.

Size, functionality and reliable performance are characteristics I’ve learned to appreciate and would not want to miss with future computers. 

Do you have an Apple Pc

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External hard drive

What we can never get enough of as YouTube Creators and hobby photographers is certainly digital storage. This 4 Terrabite hard drive provides enough storage space for all my photos and videos and has been one of the fastest-working and most reliable hard drives I've had so far.

minimalistische Reiseausrüstung

JBL Wireless headphones

I thought I'd never own anything that 'fancy' but wireless headphones are really a worthy investment. My JBL headphones look great, have an impressive (rechargeable) battery life and work with my laptop as well as with my smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10

I’m more than happy that I won this brand-new Galaxy S10 (6.1 inch; 128GB internal storage, 8GB RAM, Prism White) in a video competition, because I would have probably never spent that much money on a cellphone… 

Even more amazed was I to find out the video quality of this phone is almost as good as my M50’s and that it would serve me as a second angle for videos, time-lapses or photos of all kind. 

Last but not least my insider tips...

Everybody has a couple of weird habits when travelling. Speaking for myself, I would always travel with my own shampoo and snack backs as part of my minimalistic travel gear. 

What’s yours?

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A Spoon

A spoon?? I know. But having a spoon in your backpack is useful in all kinds of random situations. Or how would you eat a salad or soup to go without it? Plus, a spoon really doesn't weigh anything.​

minimalistische reiseaustüstung


Especially useful for carry-on travel: You are only allowed to bring liquids up to 100ml onto the plane, but that does not mean you have to leave your favourite shampoo at home.

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You don't have to be a mom of 4 in order to love zipp-lock-bags! I always carry a couple filled with nuts or other snacks with me in my day pac.