I chose travel.

Because travel is not an escape, it's a lifestyle choice.

Would you want to work, live and travel location-independently?

The small town gossip, the 9-5 job, your way too big wardrobe – if you could leave the things that bring you down behind and if you could go roam and explore the world while earning a decent salary… Would you do it? 

For my part, I decided to go for it. About 2 years ago I left home with just a small carry-on suitcase filled with personal belongings and have been living my personal dream of the location independent lifestyle ever since. My daily routine consists of working wherever my laptop meets a stable internet connection, exploring the amazing places I get to travel to and documenting my work, life and travels on my own YouTube channel. The location independent lifestyle is everything but boring, certainly challenging and inconsistent at times – but it is also liberating and incredibly rewarding.  

Should you be playing with the thought of becoming your own boss and are itching to take your life on the road, then this website is certainly for you!

Nellie Winter

Nellie Winter

Digital Freelancer

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My YouTube channel is all about life as an entrepreneur, video creation and -of course- the amazing places I get to travel to. 

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